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  • "Το budo δεν είναι το να ρίχνουμε τον αντίπαλο με τη δύναμή μας. Ούτε είναι ένα εργαλείο για να οδηγήσουμε τον κόσμο σε καταστροφή από τα όπλα. Το αληθινό budo είναι να δεχθούμε το πνεύμα του Σύμπαντος, να κρατήσουμε την ειρήνη στον κόσμο, να παράγουμε, να προστατεύουμε και να καλλιεργούμε σωστά, όλα τα πράγματα στη φύση" Μorihei Ueshiba
  • "Θεωρώ πιο γενναίο εκείνον που κυριαρχεί στα πάθη του από εκείνον που κυριαρχεί στους εχθρούς του. Η δυσκολότερη νίκη είναι εκείνη ενάντια στον ίδιο σου τον εαυτό" Αριστοτέλης
  • Keep One Point
  • Relax Completely
  • Keep Weight Underside
  • Extend Ki

AIKIDO - ποίημα απο κο Κεράνη

Aikido is a traditional Japanese martial art,
whose aim is to keep people united, not apart.
It is how to harmonize one’s energy,
with oneself and others in synergy.
It is not violent but peaceful,
with movements flowing and beautiful.
It can be soft or dynamic,
in quick motion or static.
It is not aggression but self defence,
If the mind is immovable there is no offense.
Its purpose is not to eliminate,
but be one with the other and rotate,
so the attacking intention is neutralized,
with no damage to either side,
although it contains straight or circular throwing,
horizontal or perpendicular falling.
It is the way of co-existence,
with no conflict and no resistance,
just contact and control over the body,
the training is open to everybody.
The teaching is based on continuous focusing repetition,
and not on brutal competition,
in the welcoming and friendly atmosphere,
one must learn respect and have no fear.
Aikido techniques reveal one’s true self,
expose one’s humble or egotistic self,
show one’s true character and personality,
cause they are executed like in reality.
It changes one to a better person,
perhaps even from the very first lesson.
It brings victory over oneself,
happiness and sentimental wealth.
It teaches flexibility of the body and mind,
acceptance and tolerance of every kind,
a life in harmony, dignity and health,
how to live and not be afraid of death.
Aikido is the martial art of peace and love,
its sign could perfectly be a white dove!